Mohamad Alassar
Founder of AskPro

Mohamad Alassar

Founder of AskPro

Founder's story

My name is Mohamad Alassar and I came to the Netherlands in 2015.  Since my arrival, I have dreamed of restarting my business. My goal is to economically empower newcomers and provide them with suitable work. In doing so, I will not only support my family but also other newcomers.

My aspiration to start a business in maintenance and renovation comes from my background as an engineer and contractor in Syria. I had my own company for fifteen years in Syria, which was focused on industrial and civil projects. My past experience and success, therefore, made me to choose the new business in the renovation field and keep it moving forward.

Last but not least,  I always welcome talented newcomers to join my team and together we can achieve a better life. Please feel free to contact me if you share the same goal.

Our Vision

AskPro Renovatie en Onderhoud aspires to become well-known in the Dutch market for its excellent renovation services and great social responsibilities. Whenever there is a need for renovation service, AskPro will be your real professional!

Our Mission

AskPro Renovatie en Onderhoud’s mission is to employ at least 30 craftsmen newcomers and provide quality renovation services to the greater Amsterdam area within the next five years. Doing so, we will help ­­­newcomers adapt and integrate into Dutch society and meaningfully apply their skills and talent into the Dutch economy. That is a win-win-win situation for our customers, newcomers and Dutch society.

Next Step

Have you attracted by our amazing renovation services? Have you considered to Ask Pro for your home? Drop us a line today for a free quote!